We do not just broker transactions, that is simply the culmination of a much broader and thoughtful process.

Our much more valuable contribution is serving as advisors for one of the largest asset classes in the world, one which often makes up the largest single exposure in our clients asset portfolio.

Through this advisory process our goal is to not only create long term financial value for our clients, but to elevate the experience of property acquisition.

Frances Katzen

Managing Director

Frances serves a sophisticated and international clientele, with contacts in the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. This helps maximize demand for her clients, especially given the increasingly global bid for New York City real estate.

Frances possesses a sharp and detailed memory for real estate data, such as apartment layouts, building histories, existing and pending new developments, resale comparables, pricing, and the historical financial performance of neighborhoods, buildings and apartments.

This knowledge, along with a deep rolodex and an appreciation for her clients desire for premium service, discretion, and efficiency, has earned Frances the loyalties of financiers, celebrities, real estate investors, developers, and the art culture of New York City.

In addition, buyers and sellers alike benefit from her honest and straight forward approach to real estate, investment analysis, and her creative financial consultation.

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Meet the Team

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