Should I Sell My House Now? The Essential Guide To Selling in the Age of Coronavirus
Spring is usually prime home-selling season—but this spring is a whole different ballgame.

With the coronavirus crisis intensifying and the economy in a tailspin, some homeowners may be asking themselves: Should I sell my home during the coronavirus pandemic, or wait? READ MORE

Too early to tell real estate impacts during coronavirus pandemic
These days buying and selling homes is a little different. Like much of how we do business these days happens on the internet.

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What Will America’s Housing Market Look Like After The Coronavirus Pandemic Ends? Here’s What 5 Top Producing Real Estate Agents Had To Say
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Wealthy Peruvian family buys 8 NYC condos that they say are safer than banks during coronavirus, report says
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What New York City homebuyers need to know during the coronavirus pandemic
ForFor New York’s real estate industry, spring is typically the busiest time of the year: New condo developments ramp up their sales launches, renters are looking for new apartments, and sellers are eager to list their homes… READ MORE

With New York in crisis, real estate pitches in
As the coronavirus overwhelmed city hospitals and left record numbers of New Yorkers suddenly unemployed, Brooklyn landlord Mario Salerno waived April rent for 80 tenants across his 18-building portfolio… READ MORE

The CEO of a top NYC brokerage shares his predictions for the city’s real estate market, a combination of how it bounced back from the last 2 recessions
There are now more than 55,000 cases of coronavirus in the US.

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How Coronavirus Is Impacting Luxury Real Estate
In the final quarter of 2019, luxury real estate in the U.S. rallied both in sale volume and price. The segment posted double-digit sales growth year-over-year for the first time in 2019… READ MORE

New Yorkers buy, sell apartments despite coronavirus restrictions
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Is Now a Good or Terrible Time to Buy a Home?
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New York City Real Estate In Q1 2020: How The Pandemic Has Affected A Quarter That Started Strong
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The official word is in: State releases guidance on RE services
The state has released an official confirmation that real estate is considered an “essential business.” But ambiguity remains about what in-person contact is permissible… READ MORE

The Upheaval in New York’s Rental Market
TAs many leave the city to move home with their parents, roommates are left to scramble to find subletters, but moving itself can actually be easier… READ MORE

Couple with Manhattan pied-à-terre turn to remote Hawaii real estate
Broker Michael Bolla just moved two longtime clients — a couple in their 50s who work in the entertainment industry — out of their $8 million home in Midtown and into a $20,000-a-month two-bedroom in Maui… READ MORE

REBNY Calls For A Landlord Bailout
The Real Estate Board of New York asked lawmakers to bail out landlords amid the coronavirus pandemic in a letter Monday, co-signed by several business groups and chambers of commerce for all five boroughs… READ MORE