Mark Oltarsh

For over two decades, Mark Oltarsh has brought uncommon grit, creativity, and passion to successfully pair buyers and sellers across a variety of industries.

Through his work with Vanity Fair, Thrillist, IMG/Endeavor, Rolling Stone, Tasting Table, Cornerstone/The Fader and more, Mark has established relationships with key executive decision makers in financial services, technology, automotive, fashion, music, and entertainment.

Mark is always on a mission to identify, negotiate, and deliver the best possible outcomes for all parties at the table — whether brokering a collaboration between 2 Chainz and Jagermeister; establishing an emerging artist program for YouTube Music to help launch superstars like Dua Lipa; engaging BMW for a multi-year exclusive sponsorship of New York Fashion Week; bringing in Citi and American Express to underwrite nationalized local restaurant and small business initiatives for Thrillist; or securing funding from AT&T and Cisco to launch the award-winning website The Connected Car.

He brings the same strength of purpose to real estate. Mark is able to elicit the trust and confidence of his clients by being hands on, a great listener who closes the deal.

Mark is a father to two sons, a former professional musician and published songwriter, and a fourth generation native New Yorker who has owned, rented and lived in Tribeca, the upper east and west sides, Murray Hill, Soho, and Greenwich Village. His love and understanding of New York is pervasive.


575 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Office: 212.891.7000
Mobile: 917.385.4734